You're Doing Just Fine came about because I'd been struggling and was looking for comfort in a podcast.

I work and spend free time on the internet and I was surrounded by unrealistic "Life Hacks", mean-spirited "Pro-Tips", and shaming lists of "30 Things to Achieve Before You're 30". I was craving stories about people who were in (a lot of) debt, heartbroken, overwhelmed by their work or their feelings and unashamed of it. 

I searched for a podcast or a blog that would remind me that I'm not a bad person because I can't write a personal essay about how giving up gourmet coffee allowed me to pay off $40,000 in debt. ($40k? That's adorable.) 

I kept searching variations of the phrase "You're Doing Just Fine" because that's what I wanted to hear. 

I couldn't find it, but I figured I could make it. I happen to be quite terrible at talking about the weather, but I do always want to talk to people about the real things in their lives: their break ups, job losses, business failures, unlucky breaks, bad timing. Those are the stories that are comforting and inspiring to me. It's easier to keep trying when you know that setbacks are universal. And important. 

So this is You're Doing Just Fine. I hope it is good for you. Below is a picture from when my dog was a puppy.